Despina Margolis



Δ Risk management and compliance strategy, framework implementation, and reviews
Δ Business continuity strategy and implementation
Δ Business improvement strategy and implementation
Δ Project management
Δ Change management


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Ramsey Margolis



A writer and ethical business development strategist, I work with organisations and businesses that would like to develop a community around what they offer

§ As a writer
I will provide thoughtful, engaging text in clear English, appropriate for your audience – from scratch or to improve what you have now, showing your ‘why’ as well as your ‘what’
§ As a newsletter editor
The audience for what you offer will be more engaged and keenly interested in what you do – committed readers, committed clients, committed members

§ As a business development strategist
And an acknowledged authority on cooperative enterprise, I will add value to your business or organisation by adding values, developing an ethical marketing strategy, and more

§ While as a meditation teacher
I will support and mentor you as you deepen your practice, and we will explore a secular approach to Buddhism together

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